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Advertise in Amerikan Uutiset

Advertisement  prices (Starting 1.1.2018)
Column/Inch $15 (black and white)
Classified ads $50/4 issues
Special placement 10%.

Regular ad sizes and prices / BW
1/1-page $1300 (10,5"x16")
1/2-page $700 (horizontal 10,5"x8" or vertical 5,25"x16")
1/4- page $360,00 (5,25"x8")
4x4" postcard $240 (7"x4")
2x4" half postcard $120 (3,5"x4")
2x2" business card $60 (3,5"x2")

Regular ad sizes and prices / 4-color
1/1-page $1.700 (10,5"x16")
1/2-page $900 (10,5"x8" horizontal or 5,25"x16" vertical)
1/4-page $500 (5,25"x8", smallest size for color ads)

Repeat customer discounts
Yearly (25 issues): -25%
6 months (min. 13 issues): -20%
Series of 4: -10%

Advertisement reservations and dead lines
The reservation for any ad has to be made on the preceding Friday before the paper comes out. The last day for sending advertisement materials (pictures, text, etc.) has to be sent to us by the preceding Friday by 4:00pm.

Technical information
Printing method: offset rotation (printer: Lake Worth Herald)
Paper: Newsprint 30lbs
Digital material formats: most common formats
Pictures: JPEG or TIFF
Material delivery address:

Other information:
Mikko Koskinen (561) 654 0683
Payment conditions: 14 days net
Late fee: 13% yearly interes


#1 Wed. Jan 3trd

#2 Wed. Jan 17th

#3 Wed. Jan 31st

#4 Wed Feb. 14th

#5 Wed Feb 28th (Midnight Sun Festival 2018 -special)

#6 Wed Mar 14th

#7 Wed Mar 28th

#8 Wed Apr 11th

#9 Wed Apr 25th

#10 Wed May 09th

#11 Wed. May 23th

#12 Wed. Jun 6th

#13 Wed. Jun 20th (Summer 2018-special)

#14 Wed. Aug 1st

#15 Wed. Aug 15th

#16 Wed. Aug 29th

#17 Wed. Sep 12th

#18 Wed. Sep 26th

#19 Wed. Oct 10th

#20 Wed. Oct 24th

#21 Wed. Nov 7th

#22 Wed. Nov 21tst

#23 Wed. Dec 5th (Christmas 2018-special)

#24 Wed. Dec 19st