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Amerikan Uutiset is 86 years old Finnish-American newspaper that covers today`s news from Finland and the United States as well as from all over the world. The main areas are economy, culture, sports, religious matters and events of Southern Florida  where a large gathering of the Finns live today. The main office of the paper is located in Lake Worth (FL), where the paper is also printed. The paper is delivered through the United States Postal Service as periodical mail and by first class mail in envelopes every other Wednesday.

Front page of the Minnesotan Uutiset first issue on September 23. 1932.<br /><br />Click to view the front page larger (3,4 MB) in a new window.Carl PartaAdolph Lundqvist

Amerikan Uutiset is today the only newspaper that is representing the Finnish immigrant press in the United States.  The paper has a long heritage to foster. The first Finnish newspaper on the new continent was first published almost 150 years ago. The Finns have all together published around 350 immigrant newspapers in Finnish language in the U.S. Of those, only one is left: Amerikan Uutiset that published the first issue in August 1932 in New York Mills, Minnesota (see the photo).

The paper was founded as Minnesotan Uutiset (Minnesota’s News) by a news press owner Carl Parta and reporter Adolph Lundqvist. The owners  wanted to create an unbiased newspaper for all of the Finnish-Americans living across the country. As the flow of immigrants started to fade in the 1950’s and 1960’s the local immigrant press was faced with financial troubles. Many immigrant newspapers around the area were integrated to Amerikan Uutiset in order to strengthen the readership of the paper. In 1965 the name was changed to Amerikan Uutiset with a goal of making it a national newspaper and to be read all across the United States.

As the generations that had immigrated in large numbers to the United States started to retire, many moved to the warmth of the southern states, especially to Florida. In 1986 Amerikan Uutiset also moved to Southern Florida where a large concentration of Finns had formed. A decade later (1996) the legendary immigrant newspaper New Yorkin Uutiset (est. 1905) merged with Amerikan Uutiset.

At a point in time New Yorkin Uutiset had a circulation of almost 15,000 papers. It had been established by Eero Erkko, who later went back to Finland and founded Finland’s largest news publication Helsingin Sanomat (Päivälehti).

Today the Amerikan Uutiset founder’s dreams have come true. Amerikan Uutiset has subscribers in every state in the United States, in Canada and in Finland. The paper is published every other week, with Finnish as the primary language.  Amerikan Uutiset has correspondents around the country that report both in Finnish and in English. The paper is published by Finnish Media Group, Inc. and the editor in chief is Mikko Koskinen, BSc.