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helmi 25, 2012

Finnish-American Rest Home By-Laws Have Not Been Changed

-The Rest Home’s by-laws have not been changed and no extra member meetings have been held, clarifies CEO Hanna McColough.

Lake Worth’s Finnish-American Rest Home Inc. (FARH)  CEO Hanna McColough denies the news that Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation or Charter of the corporation have been changed.

- The corporation has not held special member meetings as has been claimed over the internet and in letters, says Hanna McColough.  The misinformation about Rest Home matters took flight last autumn after the board of directors announced plans for a new modern facility to members and area Finnish-Americans.  According to McColough, FARH will construct a facility – either all at once or in phases – as is necessary for the survival of the Rest Home, which has stood for over 40 years to serve area Finnish-Americans and Finnish elderly, in order to serve residents in the home where they now live.-

- There are not enough Finnish people to populate the Rest Home to maintain its profitability.  For residents, FARH has maintained monthly rates well below market averages.  Even though we cannot continue this way, says McColough, FARH will care for the current residents such that they will not have to leave regardless of inability to pay.

FARH’s new Board of Directors was chosen and seated in November 2011.  These nine board members function as delegates of FARH founding organizations.  Last autumn, a small group of the veterans began opposing the new modern facility building project.  Due to breach of fiduciary duties, the veteran’s delegate and alternate were removed from the FARH Board of Directors. The veterans sent a replacement delegate and a replacement alternate.

Hanna McColough also denies that an official member meeting was held in December.

The gathering of the opposing group in December regarding new building construction was not in any way a legal meeting.  All member meetings must be announced in accordance with FARH By-Laws and Florida Law.  This gathering did not follow proper procedure through the Chair and the Board; a proper mailing was not sent to all members of record, nor was the gathering advertised in the Finnish newspaper and Finnish radio.

McColough has confirmed with legal counsel that the gathering with some 40 attendees in December was not in accordance with Florida Law. 

FARH has over 500 members, which are invited to all legally called meetings following all correct procedures. Each member receives a valid proxy when necessary for voting.  FARH members may only vote on issues at a legally called meeting.  The operations of the FARH are run by the Board of Directors.  Their next legal meeting is scheduled for April 2012, and will be duly noticed.

Wrong information has gotten the residents and the staff worried about their future.

- We toil in the best interests of our residents and staff, Hanna McColough says.   In addition, an earnest group of volunteers works for a better life for our residents on a daily basis.  Now even this effort may come to an end.  The officers toured other assisted living facilities and have seen how new modern facilities bring profitability and marketability.

The opposition group is suggesting remodeling of the existing old buildings.

This option, according to McColough, was the first to be considered.  This cannot be accomplished because of technical issues, operational considerations, and lack of marketability.  All Assisted Living Facilities, Memory Care and Skilled Nursing Facilities must follow Federal and State long term care laws and regulations.

- In order to continue the Finnish American Rest Home in Southern Florida, the only option we have is to build a new facility, Hanna McCologh says.