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huhti 26, 2012

Finn Spark – KipinaKerho continues to be generous

Finn Spark's out-going and new Board Members with Ambassador Ritva Koukku-Ronde.

Finn Spark’s annual meeting was hosted by HE Ambassador of Finland, Mrs. RitvaKoukku-Ronde at her beautiful residence. She warmly welcomed the members by saying how much she appreciates the work that Finn Spark members do in making Finland and its traditions known in so many ways, but especially through the Finnish Christmas Bazaar. She thanked the members for their efforts and commitment wishing Finn Spark continued success.

Hanna Wagner presented Ambassador Koukku-Ronde a beautiful bouquet of flowers thanking her for carrying on  the tradition for holding the annual meeting at the residence.

Esther Ghazi conducted the election of the new board; the members selected Ulla KekkuLehtonen as president,Adele Hagen as vice president, Kati Jarva as correspondence secretary, Esther Ghazi as recording secretary, Heidi Abraham as treasurer, Helena Reivuo-Yen as a director for three years, Tony Neville as director for two years and TennaRahkonen-Lambeth director for one year.

The out-going president Hanna Wagner presented  a Jefferson Cup, a  traditional gift to departing board member,  to Maiju Wilson, Rami Koskinen,  MaijaWiste and received one for herself.Leila Takala, Jaana Moller and Kaija Fielding with Ambassador Koukku-Ronde enjoying the scrumptious lunch.

In March members voted on Finn Spark grants to following organizations in support of their charitable and educational services:  Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle WA; Finnish Language School Assn, Arlington VA;  Devotion to Children of Oakton VA; Finnish Male Singers of Florida; SuomiKoulu DC;  SalolampiFdn, Bemidji, MN;  Wolf Trap Fdn, Vienna VA; SuomeninnokkaatSISUkkaatUlkosuomalaiset, Duluth MN; Finlandia University, Hancock MI; Lincoln Center, New York, NY;

Finnish Council of America, Hancock MI; Henkiikory/Kittilanvanhainkoti, Kittila Finland; Kirsikoti, Lieksa Finland; Iron County Historical Museum, Hancock MI.   The grants totaled this year $20,200. Members have voted to hold the next Christmas Bazaar on November 17, 2012.

After the business meeting everyone enjoyed a wonderful lunch masterly prepared by Chef MikkoKosonen.

To learn more about Finn Spark and its activities, please visit or

Marianne Parssinen